Of Interest to Concord Cyclists

Do those Concord folks cycle nearly EVERY morning?!?

Not necessarily… the rides are listed as opportunities to cycle, but if other responsibilities get in the leaders’ way or weather/road conditions do not allow cycling, the rides will not take place. That is why the ride notices indicate that those planning to attend must contact a leader to confirm the ride is occurring. If you get in touch about biking with us, we will make every effort to head out…

Orientation Rides - Concord

If you would like to attend orientation rides on Saturday mornings to become accustomed to group cycling, contact Eugene at 603-219-2051.
Eugene helps cyclists with pre-ride preparation, group coordination, proper shifting, safe cycling, and rules of the road.
The rides build confidence among beginner/casual group cyclists. If, during the phone conversation, Eugene concludes that you would benefit from a different mentor/leader, he will make a recommendation.

S&W Sports Bulletin Board

On the wall to the left of the entry door to S&W Sport there is a bulletin board devoted to bicycling; especially the GSW and Concord Area group rides. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about local group cycling opportunities and pick up helpful information about safety, etc., visit the bulletin board. There are numerous copies of various handouts which can be taken way; they are accessible even when the store is closed.

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