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GSW-SCC Jersey Size Chart
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GSW Merchandise Information

NOTE: Merchandise information is being revised. No merchandise will be available until the 2019 cycling season.

The GSW maintains an inventory of several items manufactured with the club logos and colors. Please click on the links in the sidebar to view some of the items or to print a merchandise order form.

Specific information about what sizes are presently in stock or other questions relating to merchandise may be sent to the Merchandise Coordinator and by looking at the order form.

Merchandise Descriptions:(click on the links for pictures)

Men's and Women's Short Sleeve Jerseys
with the GSW colors and logo. The pattern is applied with the sublimation process so it doesn't flake off in the wash. These jerseys are 100% polyester, have 3 pockets on the rear side, have hidden zippers, are light weight, are high quality and are made by Voler.

GSW SeaCoast Century Short Sleeve Jerseys are now available in men's sizes. Please check the sizing chart before ordering.

Cycling Wind Shirts/Vests:
Wind Shirts/Vests with the GSW colors and logo. They are made of rip-stop nylon and again the pattern is applied with the sublimation process so it doesn't flake off in use or in the wash. These vests are light weight, high quality and also made by Voler.

Cycling Shorts:
Men's and Women's Riding Shorts with the GSW colors and logo. The pattern is applied with the sublimation process so it doesn't flake off in use or in the wash. These shorts are light weight, high quality and also made by Voler. Some have a chamois covering material of leather, for long life, while most have a synthetic chamois material.

Do we have t-shirts for your riding pleasure! We have previous Seacoast Century t-shirts. They all are made of 100% cotton, are pre-shrunk and of high quality, bear the GSW logo, are screen printed, and made by "Bodycovers" in Laconia, NH. Now there is not any reason to continue feeling badly because you used that fantastic GSW t-shirt to mop up the oil that dripped from your car. The views of each shirt is split into four quadrants. The top-left is a view of the t-shirt's front, the top right shows a close-up of the front artwork, the bottom right is the artwork that is on the rear of the shirt, and the bottom left view shows the rear of the shirt.
The 2000 through 2004 SCC t-shirts were donated to help with the Hurricane Katrina reconstruction.
But we have some t-shirts for the 2012, 2013, and 2014 rides and the rider shirts sell for $3 and the volunteer sell for $5 each. All of the t-shirts have 3 color printing, the GSW logo, the t-shirt design for that year, plus the SCC year. Look at the order form to see which sizes were still available when the order form was updated.

Cycling Half Gloves:
These Riding Gloves have half fingers and are black with the GSW logo on the top of both hands.

Decal or Patch:
The GSW also has an oval club Decal or club Patches for $1.50 each. Both are 4 inches tall and only contain the GSW logo. The decal has full adhesive coverage. The decals can be put on the outside of glass or metal or painted bumpers while the patches are meant for clothing.

FiberFix Spoke:
The GSW also brings you one of those items that can save a ride (especially a long one with panniers). The FiberFix Spoke is for those times when one of your spokes break. There is only one size and it can be used on either your front or rear wheel. It is as flexible as a piece of string - which helps with emergency spoke repairs on the road. Being made with kevlar it is probably stronger than your regular spokes. With a weight of 0.8 ounces, and a small carry size, it fits in your saddle bag with your spare tire and multi-tool for those "just in case" times that occur too often.
Several club members, and non-club members, swear by the FiberFix Spoke and claim the thing has saved many rides. This can be a hard to find item and the GSW board wanted to make this item available in the Northeast and unanimously approved this item. The FiberFix Spoke is available for $10.00 each and club members do not pay shipping on this item.

FiberFix Spoke Advertisement
FiberFix Spoke Package Advertisement
FiberFix Spoke in its container. Note: Quarter is for size comparison.
FiberFix Spoke In its container. Note: Quarter is for size comparison.
FiberFix Spoke Out of its container. Note: Quarter is for size comparison.
FiberFix Spoke Enlargement. Note: Quarter is for size comparison.
Some FiberFix Spoke Instructions Graphics
Some FiberFix Spoke Instruction Graphics
Some FiberFix Spoke Instruction Graphics

If you want to purchase any GSW merchandise then print out the order form and send in the form with a check for the merchandise plus shipping to the address listed on the form. A way to avoid a shipping fee is if you pick the item(s) up. The order form lists the shipping costs, just select the one that applies to your order.

Road ID:
The GSW board of directors is concerned about the safety of all people actively exercising. Unfortunately too many of us are not visible enough and unconciousness may prevent us from providing the necessary information to medical personnel when it is needed. There is a commercial venture that shares the GSW's concerns about visibility and providing identification that can relay medical information - when you can't. The company is Road ID. The GSW directors voted unanimously to show our support of Road ID by adding direct inks to their main web page, on the main GSW Merchandise page, so you can purchase their visibility and identification products.

Link to Road ID web page

Merchandise Suggestions:
If you have suggestions about merchandise the GSW might offer then please send an email to the Merchandise Coordinator with your suggestion. Of course the more information you can include the better. Your email will hopefully include a product description, where the product can be obtained, approximate cost, our name and contact information, the suggested product's contact information, and why you think it would be a good merchandise item for the GSW to offer.

GSW Merchandise Policies:
The GSW will sell its merchandise to any individual, even if they are not a member of the club. However, there are no refunds or size exchanges to those who are not GSW club members. Plus the shipping prices are only for domestic US shipping.Shipping internationally will be at the incurred cost.

Other Clubs' Merchandise:
If you want to see what SOME other clubs offer for merchandise, then go to the
other clubs page and follow the links there. The GSW does not financially benefit from any of these links and does not guarantee any other club's merchandise.

Merchandise Coordinator





November 2, 2018