Tri-State Seacoast Century, September 26-27, 2009

We reached our limit of 1600 riders on August 27. Sorry if registration was full when you applied. Please try to register earlier next year.


Ride Description: The Tri-State Seacoast Century route is primarily along the Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine coastlines. It is to be completed in ten consecutive hours or less.  Also offered will be metric, half, and quarter centuries along sections of the same route.  All rides start and stop at Headquarters. The event will be held rain or shine — no rain date, no refunds!

Headquarters:  Hampton Beach State Park, Route 1A, Hampton Beach, NH 03842 at Hampton Harbor.  From the south, take I-95 (MA) to Route 286 East (exit 60) to Route 1A (North).  The state park is just over the drawbridge on the right at the town line.  From the north, take I-95 (NH) to 101 East (exit 2) to 1A south.

Registration:  The cost per person for the two-day event is $35.00 plus a small service fee to by August 31, 2009. These fees are non-refundable -- please check your schedule and religous holidays before registering!  Payment includes maps, cue sheets, T-shirt, the Hampton Beach State Park fees, fruit, snacks and sag wagon services.  A $1.00 donation to the League of American Bicyclists and a Special Event membership in the GSW are included. All registrations will be done on-line only. Register on-line via the web site to register starting April 17, 2009.

Note: All participants will be issued large, coded rider numbers to be worn during the event. Our Century volunteers will monitor rider numbers to ensure services are provided only to registered riders.

Rider Safety: This is a fun ride, not a race! If you are looking to post a 'personal best time' or think you own the road, please do not attend this event! Riders must be responsible, courteous to others and follow all rules of the road. Narrow colonial New England roads, steel deck draw bridges, and weekend traffic require responsible riders to share the road. Any rider reported to the police or the GSW volunteers will be subject to a ticket or fine and will be banned from future GSW Seacoast Centuries.

Common-sense rules of the road will be strictly enforced by the GSW staff and local police departments. We are hiring additional police details to patrol the route in cruisers and unmarked cars. Cyclists riding two or more abreast and impeding the normal flow of motor traffic (or breaking other rules of the road) can expected to be stopped and ticketed by the police. A small percentage of riders in recent GSW Seacoast Centuries have caused

major problems which will not be tolerated. The entire event could be cancelled because of inconsiderate and illegal actions by some of our participants. Please don't let that happen. Cycle properly and enjoy the ride so we can offer the event again next year!

Check in:  Check in begins at 7:00 AM and continues until 1:00 PM.  Registration packets, including maps, will be available at check-in.  None will be mailed prior to the event!

Food Plans: Fruit and snacks will be provided at Headquarters and at the Maine rest stop (every 25 miles).  Cyclists are to provide their own meals.  Numerous restaurants and snack bars are located along the route.
Nutrition tips: Fueling for a Strong Century by by Hilary Warner, MPH RD LD

 Lodging:  Numerous motels and some campgrounds in the area will be glad to accommodate Century participants.  Please make your own arrangements for lodging or camping.  The GSW assumes no responsibility for lodging plans, agreements, or payments for cyclists attending this event. Call the Hampton Chamber of Commerce at, call 1-800-GET-A-TAN, or visit the commercial web site, call 1-866-230-9011.

T-shirts:  One Tri-State Seacoast Century T-shirt is included with your on-line registration and may be picked-up at 'check-in' time in the morning. S,M, L and XL sizes will be available.  T-shirts will not be mailed for “no shows”!

Check out: Remember to 'check out' at headquarters with your rider number to receive your 'special trinket'! All services will end promptly at 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

 For more information or questions, go to the FAQ page on this site before contacting the GSW. You may just find the info you want by reading our Frequently Asked Questions page without waiting for an emailed question to be answered

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy our 36th Annual Seacoast Century!


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