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Rides Calendar - Summary for November and December
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GSW Year End Pizza Social
November 16, 2014
1 - 4 PM
Concord Crossing
2 Whitney Road, Suite 11 , Concord , NH

The GSW will be supplying pizza and drinks. If you want you can bring a dessert. Please let us know if you wil be attending so we have an idea how much pizza and drinks will be needed. Respond to Phil Rose GSW VP,

2015 GSW Social Information & Schedule

Meetings are normally planned for the second Monday of the month, March through October, from 7-9 p.m. There is no meeting scheduled for December only. Beginning in 2015 there are meetings scheduled in January and February. The agenda is flexible but usually follows some basic guidelines:

Introduction of all attendees
Brief review of recent and upcoming GSW events
Update on BWA-NH bicycling advocacy and education efforts
Short program on bike maintenance, products, nutrition, cycling tips,etc.
Question and answer period
Social time to “mix and mingle”

Free snack items including pizza are provided by the GSW. Mark your calendars and join us for a full season of interesting meetings in different places. Please see our listing of GSW Sponsors for exact locations and phone numbers.

- January 12
Safety & Health Council of Northern NE
Concord Crossing
Suite 11
2 Whitney Rd. , Concord, NH
See driving directions on Meetings Page

- February 9
S & W Sports
296 South Main St., Concord, NH

As for all GSW general meetings, members and guests are welcome to socialize, meet Board members and ride leaders, learn more about the club, and enjoy some free snacks.

For more information about a meeting or the club in general, contact the Granite State Wheelmen at:,
or call 603-898-5479.

We hope to see you soon!
GSW Board of Directors

Fall for Biking
NH bike experts talk about their favorite fall trails

The Hippo 10/16/14
By Austin Sorette

 Just because the wind carries a colder bite doesn’t mean you should hang up your bike helmet just yet. 

“Fall is one of the most fun times to be out,” said Chris Yankopoulos, head service writer at Goodale’s Bike Shop in Nashua. “Mountain biking in the fall is one of the cool things about New England, because we’ve got seasons. I’ve got friends in California that brag that it’s 75 and sunny year-round, but having that kind of weather every day would be pretty boring.”

Whether you’re looking to go out for a family cruise along one of many rail trails in southern New Hampshire or you’re looking to do some more extreme biking through the woods, experts around the state have identified some of the more scenic trails that will give you a view and a workout. Read More HERE

GSW Ride Coordinator Opening!

Job description:

A reminder email is sent out to all the current rides leaders, they in turnemail their rides to the Coordinator. The Rides Coordinator collects the input for rides from all the leaders.  A Word Document is used to compile the complete list. A Publisher document is used for the calendar.

Rides are formatted using a “standard” format for the descriptions. Some reformatting is needed, and then the list is sent to the PedalTalk Editor.

Depending on the time of year, it takes anywhere from an hour (in the winter) to 5 hours or more over the warmer months. 

Pedal Talk is produced every other month so the time commitment isn’t great, but it all has to happen in the first five days of every even numbered month. For more information contact

Please think about other Board positions that are open and may be right for YOU. They are Social Secretary, Recording Secretary and Treasurer. For more information contact

New GSW Membership Option

How do you like to receive our bi-monthly GSW Pedal Talk newsletter?

Via email for $15.00 per year? Via USPS “snail mail” for $25.00 per year?

How about both ways for the “paper price” of $25.00 per year?

Some people don’t want anything on paper but rather like the speed of email delivery, lower cost, and wish to be as “green” as possible. About 70% of the GSW has now “gone electronic.”

Other people “hate” email, don’t use a computer, want nothing to do with the Internet, and/or like the convenience of taking the paper version of Pedal Talk with them wherever they go.

Some members have expressed an interest in receiving both versions of Pedal Talk delivered for on-line reference and having the paper newsletter on the coffee table, in their car, or wherever. Starting in August 2014, this new “dual delivery” option is available at no extra cost above the normal $25.00 “paper rate.” If you are interested in this option and are currently receiving the paper Pedal Talk via mail, just let me know and I will code your membership record accordingly. Anyone joining the GSW or renewing their membership at the $25.00 “paper rate” should request the “dual delivery” option if interested.

We aim to please our members, so “have it your way!”

Dave Topham,
GSW Memberships,

“Meetup” helps with GSW ride scheduling

In an effort to make our GSW ride scheduling easier, faster, more convenient for members, and to attract new members, the club has started using an on-line “electronic rides calendar” called “Meetup”. This service runs on any modern PC, Mac, or Smartphone.

Rides can be scheduled and conducted by GSW members at any time, maybe just hours before a ride starts. The ride leader will know who is planning to attend and be able to post last-minute notices if desired. Public messaging between group members is an option. Everyone who enjoys “modern gadgets” along with social media will likely appreciate using this system.

All GSW rides will not be posted on “Meetup” but club mileage credit will be allowed for members in good standing. The complete ride schedule available in our bi-monthly printed or electronic newsletter will inform paid GSW members of all routine rides and events while the “ad-hoc rides” will only be known by those using the GSW Meetup Group. Last-minute ride delays because of weather can also be posted via Meetup.

There is no cost to access the GSW Meetup Group. Rides are posted by the GSW Rides Coordinator or the Meetup Group leaders.

How to Access Meetup Ride Notices

Go To:

The GSW Home page displays a button that says “JOIN US” under the red banner.

After the sign-up process and log-in, always go to the activity page where the rides and messages are listed as long as you are logged in.

Of course, new Meet-Up folks should always join the parent GSW CLUB to receive the GSW newsletter (Pedal Talk), for insurance purposes, for discounts, and other advantages.

Several guidelines may answer some common questions.

All rides must be conducted by a GSW member in good standing. At least two people including the ride leader are needed to comprise a club ride.

Rides should be posted at least 24 hours before the starting time to ensure GSW Meetup members have a chance to be informed about the ride.

Registering for GSW Meetup Group access is not a GSW membership. The annual fee is $15.00 for emailed newsletters and $25.00 for paper. A membership application and a payment via credit card option are available on the Membership Page

All riders, both GSW members and guests, are to sign a GSW ride sheet to cover liability, personal accident insurance, and club mileage tracking. Guest rider insurance coverage applies only to their first ride.

Paper ride sign-in sheets are available from the Rides Coordinator and the SW Office while the on-line PDF version may be downloaded from the Ride Info Page or the GSW Meetup home page “More” tab then “Files”.

After each ride, the mileage for each person is to be recorded on the sign-in sheet. The ride leader will then mail or scan/email (PDF or JPG file format) the sheet to the GSW Mileage Coordinator, Hetty Andrews, at All sheets will be retained by Hetty for at least one year. Mileage logged by current GSW members will be entered into the tracking system by Hetty.

This new GSW Meetup service has already proven to be a useful tool for the club. Many thanks go to David Ross and Gordon Rhodes who did theinitial set-up work and they are the primary Meetup organizers to post GSW rides and events.

Training Article - Strength Training for the Endurance Athlete
by Thom Cormier NSCA-CPT
USACycling Level 1 Coach

Every year about this time (beginning of winter/off season) the question of strength training for cyclists comes up. If you go to any web forum you’ll find many heated discussions on whether cyclists should lift weights. These discussions can get very heated. With both sides flinging links to research papers that support their thinking. In some cases it can be almost cult like!
Read more HERE

Health Benefits of Gaining and Maintaining Cycling Fitness
submitted by Lily Hall

It is widely acknowledged that cycling is one of the best ways for people to achieve good health and fitness. According to numerous scientific studies and research papers (notably a New England Journal of Medicine paper by Paffenbarger, Hyde, Wing and Hsieh, 1986) people who cycle regularly live longer and healthier lives than people who don't. Of course, it needs to be considered that people who cycle are generally likely to be more active and health conscious in other ares of their lives, but the health benefits of cycling are rarely in doubt. Read more HERE


Rail Trail Etiquette

With more and more people using the rail trails in New Hampshire thanks to on-going development and a lot of hard work by volunteers, we hear of incidents which make biking or walking on the trails less than the best experience. Sometimes guidelines are posted at trailheads, parking lots, etc. but they are commonly not seen or ignored if they are seen and read – unfortunately. The following list has been compiled from various on-line sources and might provide some guidance for the next time you are using a rail trail – or at least you could tell someone else about established guidelines. Just like on-road cycling, a little common sense and courtesy goes a long way! See Tidbits page

Link to Notices of Interest to Concord Cyclists


GSW Ride Leader
Credit Guidelines Updated

Effective March 1, 2011, the GSW Ride and Mileage Credit Guidelines enacted on April 12, 2004 are hereby amended. Section I, item 9 has been modified as follows and item 10 is deleted. 9. In the event of a scheduled ride having no one attend except the ride leader, that ride will not be allowed mileage or ride leader credits. A minimum of two people (the ride leader plus one other rider) are required to allow credits. One erson riding alone is not considered a club ride but rather is a fun or personal ride. Options include rescheduling the ride to a time and place for better attendance or else eliminating the ride from the schedule due to a lack of interest by the club membership or guest riders.
The above clarification was reviewed and approved by the GSW Board of Directors on February 19, 2011. If there are any questions, please ontact the GSW President.

Please see the updated guidelines
R & M Guidelines

Get up-to-the-minute GSW Club Notices!

Join the GSW E-Group. Simply send an e-mail message to:

You will then have Club notices sent directly to your e-mail account.

>>>>> GSW Mileage >>>>>

IS YOUR MILEAGE CORRECT? It is your responsibility to make sure your mileage is correct. To insure that your mileage is correct in Pedal Talk you must record your mileage after each ride on the ride sheets provided by the ride leader. If the sign-up sheet is not around, call your ride leader immediately to record your mileage on the sheet. If unable to reach the ride leader, then call Hetty Andrews at 603-889-3222 or email: to get credit. It is also your responsibility to print your name legibly on the ride sheet. If I cannot read the name, you will not get credit. Rides must be listed in Pedal Talk for the mileage to count with GSW. If you have a question about your mileage, feel free to call me. If you send a printout of the dates, locations and mileage, I will be glad to compare it to the computer records. Sometimes sign-up sheets have not been received. If you have a single GSW membership and a spouse/significant other, son or daughter goes on a ride with you, please indicate that relationship on the sign up sheet, so he or she will get mileage credit. RIDE LEADERS: It is very important that you do not hold ride sheets and send them all in at once for the month. Please submit sheets on a weekly basis. Also, all sheets must be in to me before the deadline of Pedal Talk to be accounted for in the mileage totals. Also note: Mileage pedaled on exploratory rides earns mileage credit.


GSW mileage tracking year ended September 30, 2014
October 1 starts the 2015 mileage tracking season.

What is Commuter Mileage?

Commuter mileage includes using your bicycle, rather than a motor vehicle, for transportation on any errand or to reach any destination such as work, school, shopping, to pay a bill, or to reach a GSW ride site, etc. The GSW encourages commuting and recognizes high mileage commuters at the Annual Fall Banquet. Commuter mileage is tracked from October 1st through September 30th of the following year.

Note: Mileage may be submitted by mail or email and must be received by the first of every even-numbered month to appear in the next issue of Pedal Talk.
Road and Tandem Mileage are recorded separately. If a “T” is added along with your signature and printed name, you will get Tandem Mileage. If you would rather have Road Mileage, just leave off the “T”. Send commuter mileage to:

Hetty Andrews
44 Deerhaven Dr.
Nashua , NH 03064

Are you Curious about Yoga?

Our Pedal Talk Editor, Laurie Daley is also a certified Yoga Instructor! Click HERE for more information

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You may be interested in some of the many rewarding opportunities to volunteer in club activities. Check Volunteer Ops.

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